Tatami Fightwear Shorts Review: The Part Time Grappler reviews TFG's No-Gi Ripstop Shorts

First things first: These shorts are sexy! The first thing that came to my mind when I saw and held these shorts was how professional and substantial they felt. If there is anything I hate when it comes to fightwear, it’s flimsy material and slapdash designs. The Tatami Fightwear Grappling Shorts had none of that. These shorts are definite winners. While I liked the black-and-white pair, I LOVED the blue-and-white ones. Think about it, how many other blue grappling shorts have you seen? I know of 2, maybe 3 other brands that make them in blue.

Now, let’s delve into the details. The shorts are made from Rip-stop pure cotton material construction for maximum durability for all your hard sessions and more. You can comfortably wear these light shorts (350 grams) to stand-up sessions, grappling sessions, conditioning sessions or a lazy day on the beach. The Tatami Fightwear logo embroidered on both legs is first class production and very distinctive, but not standout-ish in an awkward way. If anyone sees you in them outside the gym, they might not necessarily know that you are a combat sports athlete, but they will know that you have class.

The closure has both a wide Velcro strap and drawstrings, making the shorts very reliable in grappling. Further, the side splits provide you with a complete range of movement both on the floor and standing up. I know that because I tested them both in head kicks and advanced rubber guard style grappling.

So join Italo Ferreira, Helen Currie, David Onuma and several other UK Jiu Jitsu athletes and wear this up-and-coming British brand.

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