The Crazy Ass BJJ Gi Design Comp featured on The Fightworks Podcast!!!

Hi. My name is Liam Wandi, the Part Time Grappler. I'm a cheese-Addict.

Yes it's true. I wear a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gi to bed. (Thank you Tatami Fightwear!)

But it's also true that the Crazy Ass BJJ Gi Design Competition, masterminded by my brother in madness BJJ Purple Belt and BJJ gi-reviewer extraordinaire Seymour Yang, of the Meerkatsu fame, was featured on the acclaimed Fightworks Podcast. Oh yes. You know you made it big when you make it on the FWP!

Click on the link to download and listen to Seymour telling Caleb and the world about how a mad idea ping-ponged between the two of us lead to the Most Awesome BJJ Gi Design Competition of the century!

Many thanks to Seymour for the hours of work behind this and for giving me a chance to help and of course to Tatami Fightwear for making this dream becoming a reality and for being so generous (THEY'RE MAKING THE FREAKING WINNING GI!!) but above all...

Thank you all crazy creative people who took the time, energy and skillz to put together an enormous portfolio of ideas. Judging was a pleasure but no easy task.

You, truly, put the ART in Martial Arts.

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Meerkatsu said...


Georgette said...

Well done! Love it.

And relieved I'm not the only one who sleeps in gi.

The Part Time Grappler said...

Thank you thank you and no you defo aren't! :o)