Update on the Crasy-Ass Design Your BJJ Gi Challenge

Oh My God this thing has snowballed out of proportion!

It's everywhere! People from places as far as Korea and the US have contributed designs of what their dream gi would look like.

To cope with the enormous numbers, I created a separate blog just for that competition: DESIGN YOUR OWN CRAZY-ASS BJJ GI CHALLENGE BLOG

We are also proud to welcome two uber-BJJ magazines: BJJ Weekly and Kombar Clinic onto the Judging Panel!

OH MY GOD! To quote the little kid from The Incredibles:


What are you waiting for?

Click here and a window will open that will show you HOW TO ENTER

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Meerkatsu said...


Anonymous said...

You guys seriously rock for making this happen.

The Part Time Grappler said...

Haha thank you sweety. Seymour is the real brain and brawn here. I'm just a crazy dude who likes other crazy people :o)

Not to mention that you are the one pumping out those designs like there's no tomorrow!