Busy Busy Busy

I don't just mean me personally, but rather the Part Time Grappler blog!

When I started this blog just over a year ago, I didn't realise how much interest it would generate amongst BJJ / Grappling players. I knew that I wasn't the only one out there with Part Time Grappler attitude, but I had no idea as to how many of us there are and in so many countries!

I currently sit on 4 very interesting projects for the blog and I honestly don't know where to start. That's a problem I can live with though :)

For the time being...

"...My whole life I never feared anyone above me,
Ignorance made me think that only my mother loved me,
I'm waitin' on death cos my whole life is a mess,
I'm sick of the stress so I start aiming for less..."

The above words belong to a great poet and a friend of mine. Next interviewee on the Part Time Grappler: Stephen "Dairy" Li

I've known Ste for a few years now and he's one of the most passionate and genuine people I've had the pleasure to meet. He was kind enough to give me some of his time and answer my questions about training, motivation and probably the most extensive list of time-thieves I've ever heard. I will publish Ste's interview later this week so stay tuned.

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