BJJ Comunity: Who Do You Train With?

Last Friday I had an amazing open-mat session with Glyn and Chris, two of our best players. We set the timer on 3 minute rounds and rotated. Needless to say, I got royally owned! To paint you a picture, the highlight of the session was escaping side control a couple of times on each one!

But it wasn't all pain. Half way thru the session, Glyn gave Chris and me 2 gems that I know are going to transform our guard passing skills to another level. Not just that, he actually took the time to explain some of the details and gave us each an opportunity to practice and drill them both on him and on each other while he coached. Now it's important to remember that this was an Open-mat session. Glyn was under no obligation to give us any moves he obviously paid considerable energy and sweat, and possibly cash, to learn and earn. He simply did it because it annoyed him that we couldn't pass his guard. He raised the bar for everyone on the mat.

Towards the end of the session, I showed Chris something goofy and he showed me a butterfly pass that he felt would suit my body type and the way I usually pass. I train with generous, giving people and for that I am very grateful. I know that my level of knowledge is not as high as theirs so when I showed my anti-gravity concept to them, making Glyn say: “Huh, I never thought of it that way!” it gave me hope.

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A.D. McClish said...

Awesome. Exactly the way it should be! :) I think it's ironic that, when people are trying to keep their edge by not explaining their secret ninja positions that they are actually limiting themselves. When you show other people your moves, they will learn how to defend them. That forces you to adapt and grow again to learn how to gain the upper hand again.

The Part Time Grappler said...

Absolutly. We have a saying back home: Det ar skillnad mellan kunskap och kompetens, meaning there is a difference between knowledge and competency. When someone reveals a secret ninja move (lol) it only poses a threat to them if you take the time, sweat and pain to perfect it. Knowing is not enough. You need mastery.