I Stole A Technique. Can You See It?

at exactly 10:42 Kron does something with his left leg to block the Mount escape. Can you see it?

I have never been shown, taught or even visualised this. This is something I completely and utterly stole and I'm so chuffed.

Let me know what you think.


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A.D. McClish said...

So was he turning his hips and shifting his weight back onto the his left leg? What was he doing with his right hand?

Mike V said...

looks like a modified seated mount...

The Part Time Grappler said...

Here are the comments from Facebook, you'll see my explanation at the bottom :) let me know what you think:

Christopher Coltrane
isn't that called technical mount. I did it to you loads of times :)

Liam Wandi yes and no. Yes you get tech mount on me all the time (in your dreams) but no this is not EXACTLY what I mean. close tho.

He does something very particular with his left leg that I've never seen before.

Graeme Kidd but then if the soultrain does this to you, you wouldn't see it, it being behind you...

Christopher Coltrane is it when he windscreen wipers his left foot in his opponent's direction as he bridges?

Liam Wandi @Coultrain, that's the beginning of it!
@G-man, I can't actually fend any of Coultrain's attacks wether I see them or not, so instead I just deny them and misspell his surname :)

Christopher Coltrane swedish perversion

Jorgen Matsi Uhm? Isn't that the standard move to so called S-mount like one would set up the armbar - he just decides to go back to regular mount instantly.

Liam Wandi Well that's the thing. As Bessa bridged, I immediately imagined Kron to go to S-mount (or tech. mount, whatever you wanna call it).

The thing is, and this might be a bit of a let down to those of you who already doit the Kron way, but I was never shown the S-mount this way.

I was always taught (and that includes DVDs, privates, sparring...etc.) that when you go to S-mound, you transfer your weight to make your legs light and you slide (in this case the left) knee as high as possible. Once there, you lay low with your upper body and work you're set-ups (armbar, gi choke or even back take) while your right foot guards their thigh/hips to stop the elbow-knee escape. If this is all a la' Saulo(http://i4.ytimg.com/vi/wlp8EgKyt6k/default.jpg)

But Kron doesn't do that with his left leg/knee. He doesn't climb it high and he doesn't make his legs light and he doesn't keep his upper body low.

He uses his left knee and his right foot/heel to squeese Bessa. He does it really tight and keeps his body upright (hence the weight is not forward, but rather over the heavy legs)

He's got mount. He's keeping mount.

Like I said, I've never seen/experienced/visualised this. Maybe some of you have but to me (and judging by the guys I showed it too yesterday at the BJJ LABS, them too) it's completely new.

It's a very tight squeese, rather than a climb to technical mount.

Be kind rewind and watch a few hundred times :)

Cane Prevost Very interesting! I'll have to experience that in the gym. Looks like there is something there to work with for sure....