Logo competition

I saw a Logo competition for BJJ Centre, our sister SBGi club in Stockholm, Sweden. This is my priliminary sketch of a contribution. What do you guys think?

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1 comment:

Meerkatsu said...

Nice logo, makes a refreshing change from crazed animals or roided up meat heads twisting armbars or skulls and flames etc Ha!

I like the way the outer inverted triangle also represents a white belt - which surrounds all the other belts thus defining the fact that the fundamentals of BJJ, the stuff we learn as white belts, are instrinsic to all the following ranks, the fundamentals never leave us.

Small details but the rank tags on the non-black belts should be black, but I guess you wrestled with that thought already and went with white to match the outer triangle.

Good luck with the comp...what's the prize? A free first class trip to Stockholm with 5 star board and free privates for a week? Now that would be nice!