Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tips: The Importance of Attributes in BJJ / Grappling

Tori, the crazy gym manager at the onsite gym at work had the great idea to have a sponsored row on the two ConceptII rowers we have. Participants were to do half an hour each and they would be paired up. I showed up on time, did a quick warm up and then jumped on the rower. I pulled and pulled and maintained a good pace. Being a little competitive, I kept glancing at my colleague’s pace (strokes / second) and was very happy that I was maintaining a higher one.

At the end of the row our screens flashed with the total distance covered and my jaw just dropped. He had covered a considerable distance further than me. I turned to Tori with a dropped jaw and a big “Quoi?” on my forehead. She was quick to explain that because he was 4 inches taller or so, he would row further. For every stroke, even if his pace was slower.

How unfair. Beaten by simple attributes!

It reminded me that you can’t ignore the importance of attributes in BJJ / Grappling and of an excellent article by Roy Harris. I hope you enjoy reading it.

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