Christmas Gifts for All

This is an interactive post, inspired by my lovely wife.

I'm asking the blog readers for ideas and suggestions for the great wonderful holiday soon upon us. Basically, I want you to send me a quick message with what BJJ/ Grappling/ MMA related gifts you fancy for Christmas.

Don't be shy now. Do you lie in add dreaming of a new Gameness Gi? Would BJ Penn's latest book make the little child inside you jump with happiness?

Whatever it is that tickles your fancy, please drop me a line by clicking on the envelope to the right. I will create a list of products with links and if and when you see the gift of your dreams you can just, discretely, pass the blog address in casual conversation to your significant other / friends / work colleagues / family members and they will, discretely and in their own time, check it out and, if you’ve been good, get it for you! Everybody wins!

PS. I will make things easier and create a permalink to the list of wishes here on the right so don’t procrastinate…start wishing!

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