Why do we do it?

Just came back from holiday
From cold drinks and warm sand
As soon as I unpacked
My training for this week I planned

And it quickly hit me
How much I had missed the mat
The rolling, drilling and sparring
The hard work and the changing-room chat

I had missed the mount and the back with hooks
I had missed all my Victory Belt books
The knee on belly and passing the guard
Framing, shrimping and tapping the retards

But why do we do it?
Why this obsession?
Why do we work so hard
Trying to become master technicians?

Is it the thrill of the chokes and the armbars?
Is that we all flock down to Karl’s?
Or is it something deeper,
Than just becoming a master open guard sweeper?

I think so!

Coz you can go to the gym
If all you want is better fitness

I think we go to jits because we miss the aliveness

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