BJJ Time Management Tips: Priorities in BJJ / Grappling

Last night’s BJJ session was a busy one; both in the number of Gi clad people on the mat and the number of grappling techniques taught. Position of the day was the half-guard. The first drill was recovering / maintaining a good posture in half-guard bottom and Martin our coach explained the three golden rules from there:

  1. Stay on your side
  2. Prevent the Cross-face
  3. Work for the underhook

There are things that need to be done from every position. Without them you are playing against the odds and seriously slashing your chances of success. That is true both in management and in BJJ/Grappling. My advice is to spend some time identifying these priorities and then adhere to then religiously. Your game will thank you for it many times over.

Make a list of the 3-5 top things to do from each of the major positions BJJ/Grappling:

Your coach, training partners and library of books and DVDs will be of great help here but never forget that you can probably figure out and definitely verify most of these yourself through constant experimentation and refinement. There is an amazing sense of satisfaction behind solving one's own problems. Naturally, you can bounce your ideas off the above-mentioned sources. Just make sure you don’t do it in the middle of a session.

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