BJJ / Grappling TIps: The Value of Planning

If your training, and indeed any activity you pursue, is important to you, and I assume it is otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this, then you need anticipate obstacles and to plan ahead.

There are times when I know I have a lot on or will be travelling and know that that will interfere with my ability to train. I have on many occasions emailed ahead to a club or two in where I'm going  and secured me a session or even a private. Not only will I experience training at a different academy and with different people games and energies, but also I can pride myself in the fact that once again I achieved a win-win and I couldn't have done it without planning ahead.

One such an occasion was when I visited my brother in Nottingham a few weeks back. I knew I'd be staying three days so I contacted Gracie Barra Nottingham and arranged a drop in on the night I arrived in Nottingham but also a private lesson with Professor Victor Estima which I would do an hour or so before catching my train back to London. I made several new jiujitsu friends (and even ran into some old ones!) and had an incredibly rewarding private lesson with one of the best in the world.

So take a good look at the three-four weeks ahead and try to anticipate anything that might come in the way of a perfectly balanced week (a wedding invite, an exam, in-laws in town, a bank holiday which you have family plans for…etc.) and brainstorm around how to side-step it. A great tip that has served me many times in the past is “when in doubt, inject training session before”. What I mean by this is do an extra session before the event that’s disrupting your schedule rather than expect to have time to squeeze it after. That way you guard yourself against Murphy’s Law!

And remember; be ruthlessly uncompromising in your desire to have-it-all!



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