BJJ Gi: Review - Shoyoroll Seventh Son

Shoyoroll is a cool concept and cool brand. I love marketing when it's done well: to promote the true uniqueness and features and benefits of a product so you can make an informed decision as a customer.

Shoyoroll, or SYR as they are sometimes known, make Brazilian jiu jitsu gis or kimonos and other related apparel such as sweaters, T-shirts and patches and they are broadcasting to the market as the exclusive brand. Something of a "Rolex" or gis.

They release their products in unique batches of one design at a time. Once that batch of BJJ gis is sold out, hence the slogan "Jiu Jitsu versus the world. Rebels against the mainstream", it will never be made again and they charge accordingly.

The brand sponsors a plethora of top notch names in the competitive BJJ and grappling scene such as Clark Gracie, Ryan Hall and hot-name-of-the-moment Caio Terra just to name a few.

I don't have a shoyoroll gi, but my good friend Dr Mike Carroll does. His shoyoroll gi is from the "Seventh Son" batch and he was kind enough to take the time to write a shoyoroll gi review for the Part Time Grappler blog.

Shoyoroll Gi Review (by Dr Michael Carroll, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu purple belt under David "Malandro" Onuma and CFS - BJJ)

I was looking for a light weight gi and after shopping I was attracted to the Shoyoroll– All the accounts I have read about these gis were positive. However, there was nowhere in the UK to buy one so I looked on eBay. After some deliberating I purchased the 7th Son edition Shoyroll limited edition Gi.

Some details (from

- One piece jacket with no back seam
-Lightweight 450g pearl weave fabric
- Custom IPOD/ID pocket
- EVA Foam Collar
- Contrasting color stitch
- Heavy Reinforced Seams
- Tailored Fit
- Custom art woven inner taping

- 10oz Ripstop cotton Pants w/Gold Weave Gusset
- Stretchy Rope Drawstring
- 6 Point loop system
- Contrasting color stitch
- Heavy Reinforced Seams
- Tailored Fit
- Custom art woven inner taping

First impression was that it was a very attractive gi – very eye catching due to the contrasting stitching, while not being overwhelmed with patches and embroidery. The front of the jacket has the 7th Son artwork embroidered on the bottom left. The back is void of any patches or embroidery, so there’s plenty of room for gym/team patches. There is the Shoyoroll logo embroidered on the sleeves, with "Jiu-Jitsu" on the right, and "Seventh" on the left. To add to the overall style of the gi there is a dragon design in the inner tapings of the sleeve and leg cuffs, as well as the bottom of the jacket skirt (designed by tattoo artist Luke Stewart). However, the longevity of this feature is limited as it fades with repeated rolling and washing. Another nice added feature is the pocket in inside of the gi. This is handy for holding a gum shield, iPod or ID. Although some competition regulators have asked that this pocket is removed before competing.

I bought the A2 size – all my other gis are A2. However, this gi was somewhat bigger than any of my other A2 gis (Koral classic, Atama, Howard Combat Kimonos and Gameness all fit well). I found that Shoyoroll did fit like the Koral light – loose and long in the arms. I put it on hot wash and tumble dried it a few times and it is fitting a bit better now – still a bit loose though. So – my advice would be to get a size smaller for a better fit.

It is a very comfortable gi – very light and the rope draw-string on the pants makes sure for a secure fit...

Overall, it’s a nice gi...if you want something that is a bit unique and ‘flashy’ the Shoyoroll 7th Son is a good choice. And with limited batches produced you will have something that few others will have. Well, that’s what I thought – I once turned up at an open mat at a Manchester gym and there was another guy wearing the exact gi (albeit 2 sizes bigger)...

This gi can be costly, especially if buying form the USA as shipping and custom tax adds to the cost. Only a few retailers sell these gis.

Does it improve rolling performance? No – but it will make you more if a target. But, not to worry, the collar is soft to be choked with!

So, out of 10 what would I give it? 8! The only negative thing (besides the price) is the fit.


Liam "The Part Time Grappler" Wandi

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Ashley said...

hahah those pics are amazing! I imagine that Right Said Fred was being played during that photo shoot.

Liam H Wandi said...

@Ashley yes Mike was kind enough to do a few silly ones for the camera too :)

Mind you, no music was required. He was a natural :D