BJJ Tips: Trust Me…Move Your Hips!

Today’s blog post is not about any technique or strategy in particular.

As I left the mat last night, Karl my coach was busy giving some instructions to the group of dedicated grapplers that were still on the mat at 8.40 pm. I usually train 7 – 8.30 and then head to catch my train but these nutters will be at it all night if you let them. As I was putting on my shoes, I heard him say:

-“ Trust Me…Move Your Hips!”

I didn’t even lift my head to see the context. Do you know why? Because these are axioms*

The person Karl was talking too could have been in any position in the whole BJJ / Grappling map and these two commands would have been true.

Are you consumed by feelings that your BJJ is rubbish?
Are you struggling to maintain mount / side control / Knee on belly…etc.?
Are people passing your guard?
Are you struggling to get your armbars / triangles / omoplatas / Kimuras…etc. to work?
Are your escape position / submission attempts all futile?
Are you struggling to understand knock knock jokes?

It really doesn’t matter what the question is. Before you go buy the latest DVD or Book straight from Brazil or the US do two things:

  1. TYC: Trust your coach: Review the mental (or written or even video-recorded, if that’s your cup of tea) notes for that particular BJJ / Grappling position. Try to remember anything and everything your coach said and/or demonstrated. Ask him for a review or at least ask one of the higher belts (preferably the one your coach demonstrated the position on) and TYC!
  2. MYH: Move your hips: This one is so true it’s funny! This is BJJ / Grappling law, or at least it should be. Take the position you are struggling with, as a training partner to hold the position for you and attempt the following:
    MYH up
    MYH down
    MYH to the right
    MYH to the left
    MYH clockwise
    MYH anticlockwise
    MYH away from their hips
    MYH closer to their hips

If none of the above fixes the problem, chances are you were doing it right the first time :)

Give it a go and let me…know.

*In traditional logic, axioms are not proven nor demonstrated but considered to be either self-evident, or subject to necessary decision. However, in BJJ / Grappling nothing is taken on face value and it can all be (easily) proven and demonstrated.

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